Patent Preparation and Prosecution

The NSA IP professionals have extensive experience representing clients before the United States Patent and Trademark Office in a wide range of subject areas. In addition, the IP professionals at NSA are experienced in the use of the USPTO's new EFS-Web. Listed below are selected examples of some patents that have been successfully prosecuted by NSA.

NSA IP Professionals work in a variety of areas

Selected Example Patents

  • US 5,002,368 - Liquid crystal display mounting structure
  • US 5,056,296 - Iso-thermal seal process for electronic devices
  • US 6,618,644 - Battery recycling
  • US 6,753,145 - Folded flex circuit interconnect having a grid array interface
  • US 6,831,309 - Unipolar photodiode having a schottky junction contact
  • US 7,141,866 - Apparatus for imprinting lithography and fabrication thereof
  • US 7,208,094 - Methods of bridging lateral nanowires and device using same

Patent Drawings

Below are some examples of patent drawings prepared by the NSA IP Professionals.

Slide Holder drawingLens Assembly drawingReaction Assembly drawingRF Connector drawing
Slide Holder Lens Assembly Reaction Assembly RF Connector

(Note: the drawing files are PDF documents and require a PDF Reader plugin to view)

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